Stefan Kaben Images

Photographic Prints

My signed photographs are professionally printed on heavy, high-quality papers using the best available inks. I hand cut every mat for every print. Prints can be framed gallery-style using white or off-white mats, black metal frames, and UV-filtered non-glare plexiglass. Please inquire if you would like another frame style or designer mat colors.


  1. My hand-signed photo prints are guaranteed to be fade-free for the life of the purchaser. Images are uncropped and prints have a white border, typically covered with a mat.
  2. I guarantee your satisfaction. Any print can be returned in as-new condition within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.
  3. I guarantee that all prints are consistent with and an outgrowth of my personal vision. I can tell the story behind any image to the purchaser.


Approx. Print Size  Print Only    Matted Print              Gallery-Framed                              

6 x 8 inches               $45                    8 x 10     $50              $115                           

9 x 12                          $60                  11 x 14    $70              $150                           

12 x 16                        $95                  16 x 20    $110            $230                           

16 x 20                        $140                20 x 24    $160            $320                           

20 x 24                        $175                24 x 30    $200            $360                           

For sales in MD, add 6% Sales Tax

Non-standard sizes are available, in both prints and canvas wraps. Not all images are available in the larger sizes.


Shipping and handling within US: 2-day Priority mail with insurance and tracking number

Matted Prints                       Framed/Canvas Prints

One to three 11x14: $30      One 11x14: $30                        I can personally deliver

Four to ten 11x14: $40         Two 11x14: $45                       prints within the metropolitan

One or two 16x20: $30         One 16x20: $50                     Washington DC area. The service

Three to five 16x20: $45      Two 16x20: $60                     is $0.50 per mile, round trip,

One or two 24x30: $35         One 24x30: $70                     from my home in Lanham, MD

Three to five 24x30: $75      Two 24x30: $85                     (zip code 20706).


I offer other products including fine-art prints on specialty papers, canvas prints, metal prints, floating plexi-mount creations, and custom frames.

I am also happy to serve your other photo needs: As a certified professional photographer, I enjoy producing first-rate portraiture and editorial images.

Please inquire.